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It is our goal to bridge the gap of health disparities through education, training and awareness! The premise of “when we know better we do better”, may not be as easy as some think; BlackPink is determined to build relationships with community to make sure everyone can have access and is not deprived from quality healthcare. It is no longer ok to live an extended life if you are not healthy.



Are you always feeling tired, ache or sluggish?



Do you want to go to doctor and not feel intimidated by their presence?



Do your feet, hands or legs swell constantly?


Help Love Ones

Do you want to be able to help a love one who may stop breathing until paramedics arrive?

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It is our goal to bridge the gap of health disparities through education, training and awareness!
Life Skills of Eating

Do you know the white stuff, Sugar and Salt?

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Pain – What makes me sick?

What do I do with my pain? That’s the question? This will be a series of Blogs on “Pain” or What do I do with my Pain? In ORDER to understand Pain, you have to first ask yourself, “What Makes You Sick?”

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I’m a little tea pot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout… BUT, I’m not a tea pot, I’m a neti pot. The little pot that looks so familiar doesn’t get all steamed up, instead it releases the pressure in your sinuses or head. We can call that steam because when mucus is released we feel clear and light when pressure is released.

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Energy is Transferable

You’ve just finished a heated argument, you not really sure why you allowed another person to cause you to yell, scream, squint and frown your face and eyes in dismay; you head is now hurting, your heart is racing and your face is red and feeling extremely warm underneath your brown and black skin.

Read about Energy is Transferable

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